The DEUX CHEVAUX story is built on friendship, family and an appreciation for the French way of life.

Neemia spent eight years playing rugby in the South of France; experiencing the lifestyle in the Basque city of Bayonne, the pink city of Toulouse and Narbonne - his family fell in love with the French way of life.

Of all the wonderful things they loved how at lunch (especially on a Sunday) time stopped so that friends and family could sit around a table and eat good food, drink good wine, argue, laugh, reminisce, cry, tell stories and just enjoy each other.

It was on those long, slow Sundays that Neemia dreamt of bringing French rosé and red wine home to New Zealand so that friends and family here could experience the French tradition for themselves.

It was during his time in France that Neemia met Camille. Neemia and Camille became good friends (now business partners) and Neemia was adopted by Camille's family and friends.

Camille is from a small village, Ginestas, where they have an annual harvest day at their small family vineyard. Everyone from the family (including Camille's 93 year old grandmother) gets out and picks grapes - vendange.

Camille invited me to the annual harvest and that was the day we started turning the dream of DEUX CHEVAUX into reality. Camille has studied viticulture and works in the technical side of wine making, together we started this boutique brand.

DEUX CHEVAUX currently produce our own French Rosé (Yaya) and Cabernet Sauvignon (Sadé) from grapes grown in vineyards surrounding Canet D'Aude with the help and support of a local cave cooperative.

This is our dream and we are proud to bring DEUX CHEVAUX to New Zealand (and very soon the rest of the world). We are so passionate about our wine and just as passionate about the moments drinking this wine with family and friends.

The moments when time stops with friends and family are the moments that become lifelong memories. Enjoy.